Monday, March 9, 2009

Toil and Trouble!

So I have lived in Utah all my life. I love it here but boy does it get cold! I can’t wait for summer! I came across Toil and Trouble’s shop, first of all I love her shop's name, it reminds me of my own two little girls who are always helping each other get into trouble! lol anyways, She makes some great scarflette’s which are perfect for young moms. Unlike normal scarfs which always seem to get in the way, scarflettes are much smaller and in my opion easier to wear. She also makes earwarmers which are perfect for those earily morning jog’s! Not only do they keep your ears warm but they also keep your hair pulled back and out of your way. Feel free to stop by her shop and take a peek she has many more products to choose from, the Akitone Fiery Scarflette just happens to be my favorite!

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