Friday, January 30, 2009

Heart Bookmark for your little ones loving Teacher!

This is such a clever little bookmark, what a perfect way from preventing your book mark from falling out! My youngest is always playing with the books on the nightstand and a lot of the time takes the book marks out! Which, always makes it fun for mommy to try to remember where she left off, if you know what I mean. This Heart Ribbon bookmark would make the perfect little Valentine gift for the loving teacher in your child’s life. Also, right now Bookwormz is a hosting a Book Mark Giveaway on your blog for one of her designs, that didn’t turn out like she planned, but still very cute and totally useful! Stop by her blog and enter to win, the Giveaway will end Tuesday Feb 3rd, so hurry!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Perfect Valentine shirt for your little and with 10 % off even better!

Look how sweet this is! This little top would make an adorable Valentine’s Day outfit for your little one, not to mention very cute Valentine’s Day photos for those grandparents! I know my mom loves getting photos of her grandchildren slipped in side the handmade Cards they make. Don’t worry even if your little one isn’t this small she can still have this adorable top! Spicedsugar makes this top in newborn through 5T sizes. She even makes double ruffle pants to match the cute little top. Besides this Valentine’s top, she also has a ton of other designs and sizes to choose from. I highly recommend stopping by her shop and taking a look, plus all Valentine tops and the ruffle pants are 10% off when you tell her I sent you. Just let her know before placing your order so that she can adjust the listing price just for you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Little Heart Clippies

So for this week I thought I would feature some of my favorite Valentine’s products to help all the secret Valentine’s shoppers out there. I came across these little heart clippies and just had to share! This featured listing is for a set of two adorable Valentine children's hairclips made by Lorijoz. These Small Hair clips are perfect for holding back your little ones bangs. Believe me, they are a must have! You see about 11 months ago my 4 year old decided to cut her, own hair! I had tried every creative thing, I could think of. The small hair clippies were my best solution! Beside the fact that she wore cute little hats everywhere she could last summer! Lol But in all seriousness these adorable hair clippies are perfect for any little valentine, even if she did decide to cut her own hair! Hope you enjoy. You can also find many more hair clippies at Lorijoz Etsy shop. Hurry in and tell her I sent you, the first purchase will receive their heart clippies in a Heart shape tin, perfect for gift giving!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to make Valentines Boxes!

So I was thinking how can I make “How to Tuesday” fit in with my valentines theme and then it hit me everyone needs to know how to make a box for all those valentines gifts! So off I went in search for a good how to. I didn’t think it was going to be so hard! I finally found one worthy to share with all of you. It has great step by step directions and even better, great photos! For people like me who just need to see the next step to understand the first. lol Anyways Poetic Purl blog is where I found it she even has two. one for a tall box and the other for a short box! Hope you enjoy this Tuesday How to brought to you by Poetic Purl, by all means if you know of a great tutorial for Valentines feel free to share it with all of us in the comment, all urls are more then welcome to be posted!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hand Dipped Chocolate Pretzels!

Everyone loves Chocolate, I know I do! Just look how cute these handmade chocolate dipped pretzels are! They would make the perfect little gifts to hand out at the office or for 12 of your closes friends. You could even have the box of twelve pretzels delivered to your love ones on Valentines Day; you simply need to let Broken Road Farm know when you make your purchase. It really is that simple! She will even write up a little personal note for you and slip it in side your Box, which is perfect for delivering valentine’s to those adorable grandchildren who live so far away. “What better way to say I Love you than with a box of homemade chocolate dipped pretzel rods.”

Saturday, January 24, 2009

You would win this "lily" Necklace!

Erin Bowe is a metalsmith who uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to make stunning jewelry out of copper, sterling silver, stone and resin. She handcrafts each unique piece, making them completely original. You can enter to win this gorgeous necklace called "Lily" all you need to do is skip over to and answer a few questions thats all. I love Erin Bowe's work it is truely unique and beautiful!

Purple Plum Earring GiveAway!

Would you love to win these Earrings from Helene’s Dreams? is hosting a giveaway for Helene which just happens to be these beautiful earrings you see here! They are made from purple flower beads with little black onyx beads, one chain link used is gunmetal and all other wires are sterling silver oxidized to match. To win these whimsical Earrings you must head over to I’m an Optimistic Beauty and she has all the rules listed! But hurry fast the giveaway ends Jan 23rd

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ceejaybags one of my favorite!

Ok so you can say that I am a little excited to be able to down grade my big old dipper bag for more "chic" mommy like designs. I have bought 3 bags within the last week! Unfortunately I found this bag after I already purchased the other three. I’m kinda on a spending freeze now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t blog about it! lol I found this bag in ceejaybags shop. I love the black and white polka dot’s lining with the Black and White toile it has a very chic feel. She also has some other very cute designs up in her shop, but this one just happens to be my favorite! She is currently working on her new spring line which is scheduled for this weekend. Hopeful my spending freeze will end soon, I can’t wait to see her new bags! She also would like to give a “Big Thank You” to the two teams that have lovingly supported her, “Carried Away Bag Makers” which can be found at and “Pluggers United” which can be found at So you would think that, being a member of two wonderful teams, a mother of two tween’s and not to mention running her own business that this women would be to busy for charity. But oh no she finds time! She currently supports the Community Housing Services of Lansdale PA. which is a great charity that supports women and children, she plans on donating a percentage of her sales to them in April! So make sure that you treat yourself to a new bag in April too, not only will you get a beautiful new bag but you will be helping other women and children! Sounds good to me!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bottle Cap How To Tuesday!

Have you ever wondered how they make those adorable bottle caps on Etsy? Well I stumbled upon a great “Bottle Cap How To” that will tell you! Bottle Caps Galore was kind enough to allow me to share it with you all, she has a great tutorial on her blog, which gives you step by step directions along with pictures, which shows her viewers how she makes such adorable bottle caps! She also has a list of all the supplies you will need for creating your bottle cap. But then again if your “craft challenged” like me, you could always purchase your bottle cap’s already made from her Etsy store Bottle Caps Galore. She has a ton of designs to choose from!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Doggy Please"!

Whenever my soon to be two year old eats a corndog she starts acting like a little puppy and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why, I just thought that she learned it from her big sister. That is until the other day when she ask for one and said “Doggy please” lol then it hit me it’s because they are called corn "Dog’s"….. I know I’m a little slow sometimes, anyways so that’s why I went looking for a little stuff puppy to share with everyone. I found an adorable one in Snooli Baby shop. His little puppy ears are so cute! She has a few other plush baby toys to browse through as well as other animals and some really great prices, feel free to take a look.

Give Away List for this Week

Here is a list of Giveaways for this following week/month that I was able to find, if you know of any that you would like to add please list them in the comments or email me. Thanks- Oh they all have different deadlines and rules so make sure you check them all out, some end soon!

Over at she is celebrating her one year anniversary on Etsy with her First Blog Giveaway! She will be giving away a very cute mini fabric gift cards, a set of 8, so stop buy view her blog and enter to win!

At they will be giving away one handmade outfit or garment for 18 inch dolls, blithe, or Barbie on the 15th of every other month! If you have Barbie lovers at your house too make sure you check her out and enter to win! is also taking the plunge and has decided to run a giveaway! You could enter to win a signed 7x5 Sweetpea Print! She has very pretty prints in her store as well if you don’t happen to win one take a look! is hosting a $150.00 value giveaway in dolce Baci Clothing! You can bet to sure that I will be jumping on that one lol they have adorable clothing for little girls. will be Giving away love doggy Valentine’s cards for Valentine ’s Day! They are really cute! is doing a give away for $100.00 worth of shirts to one winner, and one shirt to a runner up. They are trying to come up with a great URL idea for a .com so head on over with your great ideas and enter to win! is giving away some gorgeous yarnball earrings made by "Polished Two"

Beginning today, January 12, 2009 She will be listing 4 greeting cards (blank inside for YOU to be creative!) all rules can be found at her blog has a great giveaway that she is doing for the month of January (PRIZE: 3 Pink,white & black Chandelier O'tackys) these are really cute! is giving away a 8by10 print from a list found at their blog, Mnh takes gorgeous photos! Jane of LanieJane is giving away a fat quarter bundle from the new Andalucia fabric line. Also stop by the shop for a 20% off the Andalucia line! Just type in the code "valentine" at the check out. has a ton of shop reviews and giveway!

And of course lastly where you can find many other giveaways to enter.

*Each blog has their own rules and deadlines so make sure you read them all carefully. Have fun, I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Very Unique and Very Cool

So “The Cutest Shops Online” has now officially been nicked named “Alicia’s Wish List” by my husband, so just for fun I thought I would pick out one of his favorite items on Etsy. Every time he jumps on Etsy he checks out SteamPunk watches and other items. (I think that he may be trying to hint something to me, seeing how Valentines is coming up) lol, Anyways I found some very interesting things when typing in steampunk, I also came across this really cool SteamPunk Pin, its made from vintage watch parts, with added jewels worked into it, I found it in Dust Design’s shop, they have some very cool and unique pieces, not to mention what a great way to recycle! You should check it out they are really neat.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Vintage Children Furniture

Anyone who knows me knows that I am addicted to estate sells and thrift stores why, its because of finds like this! (The rocking horse not the adorable girl which also happens to be mine too) I just love wooden Children Vintage Furniture, my two girls are spoiled that way. But very few people realize that you can find Vintage Children Furniture on Etsy, I found an adorable wooden doll house the other day. I’ve been keeping my eye out for one of these for months so I know they are very hard to find! This adorable wooden Doll house just happens to be one of three in My Vintage Doll House shop. She also has a light blue one to which is very cute. *I’m not sure if the vintage refers to the age or style I just know that they are hard to find so I thought I would share it with you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Every Girl needs a Night Out!

Little Bachu will be donating 100% of it’s profits from the month of January to the Glass Slipper Project (in the form of donating jewelry for the girls to wear at their prom.) Yup you read that right, 100%! The Glass Slipper Project is a great organization that helps make every young girls dreams of attending her prom come true! To learn more about it visit So make sure you purchase your jewelry from Little Bachu, not only will you be receiving a beautiful handmade jewelry piece of your own but you can also proudly share that you helped a young woman look absolutely fabulous for her prom. Now who wouldn’t love that! This just happens to be my favorite pair of earrings that she makes. They are made from Swarovski Crystal Champagne Briolette drops and 14kt gold filled hooks, wire and chain. I love Swarovski Crystal they give off so many sparkles! She also has adorable items for your little one! Such as: cuddly Blankets, Onesie, and Burp cloths. I don’t have any little boys but if I did, I would just have to buy the Onesie’s with the tie, they are really cute!

Retro Pink Flower Baby Shoes

I found Kaya’s Kloset Shoe’s the other day and theses shoes happen to remind me of shoes I have up on the wall. Yup you read that right I have shoes up on the wall, please let me explain. You see when I was creating my little ones Nursery I kind of ran out of budget. After buying her a new crib, changing table and rocking chair I didn’t have anything left for wall d├ęcor, so I had to get creative. I took ribbon and tied a bow at each end and attached it to the wall, I then took mini clothes pins and attached all her adorable dresses, ruffled pantaloons, and yup her baby shoes! It turned out adorable and was a great way to showcase her cutest stuff. Which brings me back to Kaya’s Kloset’s Shop, she has some of the cutest shoes not only are they lovingly hand made but they are also made from 100% natural materials, that are very environmentally friendly! I’m sure that you would agree that you too would want to showcase them to the world, long after your little ones have enjoyed them. To learn more about how Kaya’s shoes are environmentally friend you can visit her online store at Also, to celebrate the Debut of the new Organic Line she is offering $2.00 off any of her new organic shoes plus free shipping! However you must use the coupon code “ORG4” to receive this promotion, which is only good until 1/31/09 so make sure you head on over, she has a ton to choose from.

Monday, January 12, 2009

How To Tuesdays!

So starting today every Tuesday will be “How To Tuesday” I will be keeping my eye’s out for “how to tutorials” to share with all of you. I will also be sharing some of the best supplies shops online were you can find everything you need. I hope everyone enjoys Tuesdays from now on and are inspired to get crafty!

Today’s How to is brought you by There you will find a great tutorial on “How to sew a groovy Fish soft toy” she has a list of all the materials you need and great step by step directions. However if you are like me and are “sewing machine challenge” and prefer to leave it up to the experts you can find some already sewn toys in your Etsy shop

So the list of materials needed,

Materials :
Cotton fabric, I would recommend Material Girl Shoppe
Wool blend felt, I would recommend Stray Notions
Batting also found at your local craft store
Embroidery floss, I would recommend A Tiny Sweatshop (The Etsy store not an actual Sweatshop! lol )
Polyfil found at your local craft store
And lastly matching Thread

Look how cool this is!

Look how cool this is! Savoie Faire Photo, creates these cool collages with photos of various objects which represent letters of the alphabet. She spells out worlds such as Welcome, Kitchen, or even your little ones name. This is a perfect gift for those “hard to buy for” love ones in your life! I would love to be given this as a gift for any occasion *wink *wink to all those family and friends following this blog! You can view more of these cool collages at her Etsy Shop she has a ton of options for making your photo collage uniquely yours. She is also offering an extra gift to all my viewers! If you purchase any 8”x20” Custom Name Frame, you will receive a free matching Custom Name Note Card ($8 value), simply by mentioning “The Cutest Shops Online” when you place your order! So go check it out and tell I sent you!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Soft N’ Cozy Baby Blanket only $16.00!

Every little girl has her favorite blanket, I know mine does. You know the blanket she must have in order to take a nap or it just isn’t going to happen! Luckily, Grandma bought one just like hers to keep at “Nana’s” house, for when my little one comes to visit. So, I came across Ablemabel’s shop last night and simply fell in love with her baby blankets. She makes some of the cutest Baby Blankets! She uses adorable fabrics and lines each blanket with a Soft N Cozy fabric, which makes them perfect for snuggling with your little one. I have no doubt that the blankets she creates become a little one’s favorite Blankie. She has a ton of adorable blankets to choose from, and if you happen to mention “The Cutest Shops Online” in the “comments to sellers” you will receive 20% off your purchase! So stop by and tell her I sent you!

Most Creative Hand Bag Ever! & only $39.00

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big pro recycling. I love going to thrift stores and yard sells looking for Vintage Children Furniture for my two little girls. However I have never thought about looking for vintage books. I found this hand bag made by Spoonful Of Chocolate and thought that it was such a creative way to recycle, that I just had to share it! She created this hand bag from the book “Nancy Drew Mystery Series-The Secret of the Old Clock” by Carolyn Keene. Every book purse that she makes is from a gently used recycled book and has a layer of finish to prevent any rips and tears. Just think of the compliments you will receive when you show up at the next book club meeting with this beautiful bag. And as a special treat to all my viewers she is graciously offering a free $5.00 target gift card with any purchase of her Book-Purses when you convo her the coupon code AliciaRose. So head on over and take a look, and tell her AliciaRose sent you!

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Sweet Tooth is Getting the Best of Me!

So the first week of the year is now over, how is everyone doing on those New Year Resolutions? This year I plan on helping people, (which led to the inspiration for this blog) and secondly of course like many others, I would love to lose a few pounds! I found this ever so sweet basket liner at Lucky Find Design's shop, she as a ton of yummy baskets liners to choose from. Not only are they perfect for treating your sweet tooth cravings but they can also help you lose weight! Just think about all the calories you will lose by riding your bike around, to do all those errands, not to mention saving the planet!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Knotty Baby Wear

As you all know I have two little girls, it seems like every day at my house is dress up day! There are always tutus and princess dresses everywhere! You would think that since it’s so cold outside that it would stop my little four year old from insisting on wearing her little tutu out and about, while mommy runs her errands, but oh no she is such a girly girl! I found these little leg warms on Etsy, from Knotty Baby Wear and of course they made it on to my wish list! I found Knotty Baby Wear's prices to be very reasonable, only $8.00 for these cute little leg warmers. She also has adorable photos up in her shop, which were photographed by Heather Lynn Photography , You can find Heather on Etsy as well. This photo just happen to remind me of my own little girl.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

“Grapefruit Twist Salt Bar”

I just love the look of handmade soaps! Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen makes some of the prettiest around. I almost prefer leaving it out for everyone to see and never use. That is until I read about all the helpful ingredients it contains such as: both Shea and Cocoa Butters along with an abundance of other skin loving oils! One of her very loyal customers commented, “That her children, who both have eczema, showed a dramatic improvement just minutes from when they got out of the tub. Needless to say, she will always use Rebecca’s Dry Skin Soaps with her kids from now on!” I just love finding reviews done by real moms! You can find Rebecca’s Soaps at she has a ton of different colors and scents to choose from. My problem was choosing just one! She also has a three saop bars Give Away going on right now at be sure to head over and enter to win! Her Contest ends January 11th.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Earring Give Away!

I just thought I would let you all know about a Give Away going on at this month she is going to be giving away a pair of her fused glass earrings, she has all the rules for the Give Away up on her blog. You only have until January 25th to enter to win so make sure you make it over to her blog before then! *This giveaway is on her blog not mine, I just thought I would help a friend out, so head on over and take a peek I dare you!

“Family” mini-album

Look how Cute!! I found this "Family" mini-album on Artfire. I love to scrapbook myself but can never find the time, you know with two little kids, a business to run and everything else in-between. That is why I was so excited to have found this hand-made photo album. Every little detail was thoughtfully handdrawn, glued and cut. It features multiple pages where you can add your own photos and comments. You could even lay it out on your coffee table and let everyone think that you’re “Crafty”. That’s what I would do! But in all honestly this "Family" mini-album was handmade by Moonstone and can be purchased at her Artfire Studio

Monday, January 5, 2009

"My Secret Valentine"

With Christmas behind us its now time to start thinking about Valentines! This adorable Valentines Pendant happens to be two sided, one side shows a little girl who is delighted to had received a valentine, while the little boy who gave it to her peeks through the window, So Cute! The other side of the pendant features Scottish children with a valentine song. The pendant hangs on a 24 inches long silver tone ball chain with a lobster clasp. I love the work does with vintage images, you have to stop by and take a peek. She has a few Valentine pendants to look through but you better hurry before they are all gone!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Crunchycraft Shop

I found this “Not So Scary Monster” in
Crunchy Crafts Shop It’s was such a cute little fuzzy thing that I just had to check it out. I have two little girls of my own, my oldest who is four year old is a little scared of the dark, I think she would just love this little monster! He has cute little goggley eyes which makes him look dizzy and silly. Check out Crunchy Crafts Shop she sells an assortment of items to choose from.

Itsy Bitsy Giveaway!

I am so excited is featuring a review and giveaway for Itsy Bitsy Bracelets. Check out her review and enter to win! The giveaway is for my Sugar N Spice Bracelet, its one of my favorites I love the way these three colors complement each other. It’s very girly with a touch of unexpected green which makes it fun!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

All of my work is inspired by my own two little girls, I love creating new whimsical jewelry for them as well as for my customers. Being a mom and the owner of Itsy Bitsy Bracelets keeps me very busy! There is never a dull moment around my house. But I love it! I have been creating children jewelry for 5 years now and use only the best findings I can find, such as grade A Cats Eye, Swarovski Crystal, Swarovski Faux Pearls, Fresh Water Pearls and Sterling Silver Findings

I am excited to be launching there you will find loving handcrafted jewelry that will brighten any little girls day. So feel free to browse around there are plenty of treasures to be found, and with fixed shipping you don’t have to decide on just one!

**Please note! As with all jewelry and beaded products adult supervision is required. Jewelry is made from small parts, so please play it safe. I hope your little ones enjoy their jewelry as much as mine do.


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