Friday, January 2, 2009

Advertising on any of my sites

Thank you for your interest in Advertising with The Cutest Shops Online. We maybe new and small but we have seen an up ward trend in traffic everyday!

Sunday Traffic Level 61 visits
Monday Traffic Level 45 visits
Tuesday Traffic Level 145 visits <--- thank you to who ever stumbled me !
Wensday Traffic Level 68 visits
Thursday Traffic Level 75 visits
Friday Traffic Level 65 visits
Saturday Traffic Level 39 visits
Sunday Traffic 49 Visits
Monday Traffic 36 Visits

Each week I will be listing that week’s traffic for all of my Sponsors to see, the above shows the traffic pattern from the week of the Sunday 11th to Saturday the 17th of January. With currently, only 21 different sources directing traffic to the site. (which grows each day) So why just 5 cents a day for an Ad button and 10 cents a day for Etsy Mini's and Artfire Windows?

I first looked into having project wonderful advertising up but didn’t really like the idea of having to pay them 50% of all ad revenue. I also felt like it would give the blog a cheap look, which I really didn’t want.

That is why I just settled on 5 cents a day for Ad buttons and 10 cents a day for Etsy Mini's or Artfire Windows. It provides my sponsors with almost the same price as Project Wonderful but also guarantees them the ad spot for a whole month. No need to worry about being out bid!

My business goal for this year was to but my focus into helping others. (which led to the inspiration of this blog) The blog was never really intended to make me a lot of money, the ads are really just up to help feed my addiction to blogging, lol which is better then any other addiction I guess!

I plan on always leaving my advertising prices low, however they will go up slightly as the site becomes more popular and there’s a higher demand. If you would like more info or to purchase any of my advertising please feel free to contact me at aliciarose22{at}hotmail{dot}com thank you for your interest!


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