Saturday, January 17, 2009

Very Unique and Very Cool

So “The Cutest Shops Online” has now officially been nicked named “Alicia’s Wish List” by my husband, so just for fun I thought I would pick out one of his favorite items on Etsy. Every time he jumps on Etsy he checks out SteamPunk watches and other items. (I think that he may be trying to hint something to me, seeing how Valentines is coming up) lol, Anyways I found some very interesting things when typing in steampunk, I also came across this really cool SteamPunk Pin, its made from vintage watch parts, with added jewels worked into it, I found it in Dust Design’s shop, they have some very cool and unique pieces, not to mention what a great way to recycle! You should check it out they are really neat.


  1. Wow! That is very cool! I love steampunk too.

  2. Omg ever since I joined etsy I found a love for steampunk. I'm saving up to buy a fabulous ring or necklace. It's on my wish list as well...

  3. I LOVE THAT! I didn't know anything about steampunk until I joined etsy, and it's awesome!



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