Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ceejaybags one of my favorite!

Ok so you can say that I am a little excited to be able to down grade my big old dipper bag for more "chic" mommy like designs. I have bought 3 bags within the last week! Unfortunately I found this bag after I already purchased the other three. I’m kinda on a spending freeze now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t blog about it! lol I found this bag in ceejaybags shop. I love the black and white polka dot’s lining with the Black and White toile it has a very chic feel. She also has some other very cute designs up in her shop, but this one just happens to be my favorite! She is currently working on her new spring line which is scheduled for this weekend. Hopeful my spending freeze will end soon, I can’t wait to see her new bags! She also would like to give a “Big Thank You” to the two teams that have lovingly supported her, “Carried Away Bag Makers” which can be found at and “Pluggers United” which can be found at So you would think that, being a member of two wonderful teams, a mother of two tween’s and not to mention running her own business that this women would be to busy for charity. But oh no she finds time! She currently supports the Community Housing Services of Lansdale PA. which is a great charity that supports women and children, she plans on donating a percentage of her sales to them in April! So make sure that you treat yourself to a new bag in April too, not only will you get a beautiful new bag but you will be helping other women and children! Sounds good to me!


  1. Alicia
    Thank you so very much for featuring my black and white toile bag! I'm touched that you like it enough to blog about ceejaybags, and me! It's an honor to be featured.


  2. What a lovely feature for our dear ceejay! I love that gal and her bags :)

  3. ceejay is AWESOME and her shop too!!

  4. I love ceejay bags! I've been lusting after her line for some time now... :)



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